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I am an Electronics Product Design Engineer, I used to work in the R&D Areas, Designing Electronic Products. Then i had my own firm, manufacturing Instrumentation and Scientific Custom Equipment.
I started designing circuits in the early 80s. I came online in the late 90s. My first circuit site was made of the PDF circuits that was part of the Engineering Documentation of my own Firm started in the early 90s. I put it online as they were of educational value and could be useful reference to all.

About Schematics of delabs

delabs is made of a few tech websites online, It is an archive of my experience in Industry and Business.  I have a wide exposure in the broad area of Electronics Engineering, Automation, Instrumentation and Industrial Components.
Important Note

My Creative Work, ideas and documents can be used for Product Design and Development by R&D Engineers, Hobbyists, Students and even firms for creating useful products. These cannot be used for reprint, replication or publishing online or offline.